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Be Careful

Be careful. My wife said it to me as she walked out the door. Yesterday, when I was talking to my pastor about a situation, he said the same thing. Just be careful. I shook my head and said I would. But this morning, it struck me that I need to be careful.

Being careful assumes that I care. To be full of care. That’s a lot of care. It’s not a bad thing to be full of. Don’t go there. I like to think of myself as being a person who cares a lot. Just yesterday I told somebody that I was not the smartest person they would ever meet, but that I care. A lot. That’s part of being careful

Another part of careful implies caution. Reducing the speed of life and increasing personal awareness. It’s somewhere between a green light and red light. Look around and slow down. Assess any immediate threat or potential danger. Then act accordingly. And if the yellow light is blinking slow down even more and use extra caution. Be careful.

The opposite of careful is careless. Not paying enough attention. Indifferent. Inconsiderate. Mindless. Oblivious. Negligent. Sloppy. Thoughtless. Reckless. Sometimes we can get away with being careless. Other times not so much. Sometimes I could care less, but other times I could not care more. Take care not to be careless.

Today I’m trying to be careful. My wife told me to. Nothing worse than a disobedient husband. My pastor told me to as well. I think they may be onto something. They know me pretty well. And I have noticed that often The voice of God sounds a lot like Lisa Reynolds, or even Pastor Tony. And I can’t be sure, but I think the Holy Spirit winked at me, as if to say, “ you might want to be careful.” Be. Careful. Be careful.

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