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Get Better. Do Better.

Get better. That may be the best piece of advice I can give you today. Get better. Start from where you are and get better. Don’t make excuses. Don’t deny reality. Don’t try to hide it or put perfume on it. If it looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk, acts like a skunk, and smells like a skunk…it is probably a skunk. You can cover it with your best cologne, but you won’t cover up the stink. It’ll still be a stinker.

Own it and get better.


Build on what you’ve got.

Start where you are.

Use what is in front of you and get better.

Everybody can do that, so why don’t we?

Get better.

Do better. Even better advice. Getting better is esoteric and abstract. Do better is much more measurable and practical. Underlying the admonition is the presupposition that we can improve. If getting is more emotional and touchy-feely, doing is an action. We can learn from our mistakes and failures. We can do better. Our son, Justin Reynolds, is a gifted singer/songwriter. One of my favorites of his most recent works, is a song by this title, Do Better. The chorus simply says do better. Do better next time. Do better. Do better next time. Do. Better.

Often, focusing on the problem, only magnifies and intensifies the problem without yielding any improvement or offering a solution. I am wired for solutions. Sometimes I don’t study the problem long enough and begin trying to solve things before I understand fully. I’m ready to get better and do better. Sometimes it makes things worse before it gets better. Ignoring it always seems worse to me. I prefer to try to get better and attempt to do better.

What if, just for today, we aimed to get better and do better. Just a little bit. Forward motion. Unstuck emotion. If we do better, we will get better. And as we get better, perhaps we will do better and better and better. Seems like it’s worth a try.

Meanwhile, enjoy the song.

Do better. Get better.

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